Cape Cod Times on Race and Police

Cape Cod Times letter.

How can Larry Brown purport to draw lessons about racism from the shooting of Breonna Taylor in his Oct. 2 column without mentioning the important fact that the man with her fired first at police who had announced themselves?

When police are fired upon, they usually shoot back, for their own safety and that of the public. The particulars of the action can and will be assessed, but the officer’s reaction to return fire would have been no different if the officer had been black and the shooter white or both of the same race. Taylor’s death was an accidental tragedy, the proximate cause of which was the initial shooting.

It is a great disservice to the current discussion on police and race to attribute this tragedy to racial bias on the part of police.

Brian R. Merrick, West Barnstable

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  1. says:

    Again, sagacious observations. Hope to reconvene when I am still horizontal.

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  2. Paul Mahoney says:

    The press has become an arm of the progressive faction of the Democratic Party. Why we still expect any semblance of objectivity
    is our collective memory when the press was reliable,valued,truthful.That is no longer. Now we have in your face censorship and
    blatant partisanship. Well at least we have ACB


  3. Gerald Mulligan says:

    That argument has been lost and you might save your energy for issues still under dispute. Gail King has had an interview with Breonna’s boyfriend/shooter on national news with segments showing three nights in a row. With the shortage of clergy we will not be able to give each saint an individual church but I am looking forward to visiting St. George / St. Breonna Church. With a suspicion that Trump deep down does not want to win, I read the Democrat platform. The Repubs should pull all their ads and just run segments of that platform. Trump would have a landslide. Convinced that Biden will win and win easily, I have been taking money out of the stock market and will be sitting on the sidelines until we get some sense of the Biden administration. Warren as Treasury Secretary will all by itself send the market into a spin. Caveat: my stock market moves are completely contrarian with every investment house being positive on the market in belief of a new stimulus package and maybe an infrastructure spend. The Repubs have got to keep the senate or DC will be our 51st state for sure and the Repubs will never again get the Senate.


  4. dudleye says:

    Did you receive a reply from the Times??




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