Justice out of line

Boston Herald letter, July 21, 2016

Donald Trump is entitled to express his political opinions, no matter how silly, as is Herald columnist Peter Gelzinis. (“If Trump can speak his mind, why can’t RBG?,” July 14). U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, as a sitting judge, is not.
Judges have political opinions, of course, but a respect for the appearance of impartiality is supposed to keep those views private. Ginsburg seriously damages the institution she is supposed to serve by encouraging those who regard the Supreme Court as just another political branch. If she wants to express her political opinions, Ginsburg should retire.

Brian R. Merrick, Barnstable

The writer is a retired First Justice of the Orleans District Court.

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  1. maryjoandcharlie@comcast.net says:

    She should retire, but not until there is a Republican in the White House !


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