Trump the Unifier

Noon on Sunday is one of the best times of the week. After a morning of news talk show agita about politics we get the NFL pregame shows with diverting chat about football. How distressing today to tune into the CBS and FOX pregame shows and get a big dose of talk about … politics….

You can live with President Trump. Really.

Somebody was going to be mad after this election. We all thought it was going to be the frustrated people whose anger at the establishment of both parties fueled the rise of Donald Trump. Instead it is the establishment itself, the politicians of both parties, crony capitalists, media elites, politically correct faculty of our universities…

Defeat alway looms, whatever the game

Cape Cod Times letter, Nov. 26, 2014 Perhaps sensitized by Charlie Baker’s Election Night comment (“This is going to end very badly for one of us”), I felt worse than usual for the supporters of the losers in this year’s general election. And for the players, coaches, families and fans of the high school football…

Remaking our world, if only by degrees

Boston Globe letters, December 6, 2015 LETTERS | HARVARD RETHINKS ITS SYMBOLS DECEMBER 06, 2015 HARVARD IS dropping the title “house master” for student residence supervisors. So what will replace its master’s degree? Brian R. Merrick, West Barnstable

OK for Brady to Pass

Boston Herald letter, September 24, 2014 Steve Buckley has it exactly wrong ( Sept. 19). Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is an exceptional football player. It is not part of his role to comment on social issues or other players’ off-the-field conduct for the titillation of sportswriters. Athletes and actors should be judged by their performances,…