Russia Never Ran Out of “Useful Idiots” in America

Wall Street Journal November16,2021 Kimberley Strassel is spot on in her analysis of Mr. Durham’s complex indictment of Igor Danchenko (“Hillary Clinton’s Russian Helpers,” Potomac Watch, Nov. 12). I would not, however, conclude as she does: “We can’t know what the Kremlin’s goal was in 2016.”

In the efforts recited in the indictment, and in an avalanche of vitriolic false-flag social-media posts, the Russians’ goal was not to help either presidential candidate but to undermine Americans’ confidence in our elections. In this they have had considerable success, with the help of what their Communist predecessors used to call “useful idiots” in Congress and the media.

Brian R. Merrick

West Barnstable MA

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  1. Paul Mahoney says:

    And sadly at this moment I am among those who have lost confidence in the electoral process.The Justice department is a close second.
    If mob rule wins in Wisconsin we will have a pretty good indication that the country is leaderless.

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