Trump ouster plot is bureaucratic overreach

Cape Cod Times, March 7, 2019

Contrary to the assertion in your March 2 editorial, “When is a coup not a coup?” the plotting by a group of career bureaucrats below Cabinet level at the Justice Department and FBI to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove a president they deplore is not part of their “legal, constitutional responsibility.” The power to declare a presidential incapacity to Congress for its approval, in the event the president disagrees, belongs exclusively to the vice president with a majority of the Cabinet.

The political motivations of Messrs. McCabe, Ohr and Strzok and Ms. Page in opposition to the Trump campaign and presidency have been well-documented in their own words and actions. Their insertion of a Clinton campaign opposition research report into the stream of intelligence and its use to mislead the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and spy on domestic political opponents gives sinister meaning to the expression “Deep State.”

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  1. Paul Mahoney says:

    If House Democrats are unable to fashion a simple resolution denouncing anti-semetism, getting to impeachment seems like a stretch for them.


  2. Doug Louison says:

    But when is a President deemed unfit enough ( by temperament or capitulation to a foreign State) to make it appropriate for administration members to at least discuss invocation of the 25th? Has it ever been invoked?


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