Schiff gives the game away

I have been afraid to turn the TV on these last few days, lest I encounter …. Adam Schiff. At   one point though, half-listening, I thought I heard him say something so outrageous, I couldn’t believe it. I rewound the TV to see if I was mistaken. I wasn’t.

In my last entry here, Undermining Confidence in Elections, I wrote:

Fiona Hill, an academic who has served under several presidents and is no Trump apologist, testified at Adam Schiff’s impeachment hearing that the goal of the Russians in 2016 was not to elect Trump but, at a time when Hillary Clinton’s election was considered a certainty, to discredit the presidency, whoever was elected. In that, they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. The Democrats have been the Russians’ willing dupes.”

Sure enough, while making his opening arguments to Senate during the Impeachment trial, Schiff said: “The president’s misconduct cannot be decided at the ballot box. For we cannot be assured that the vote will be fairly won,”

Schiff has given the game away early. If his party doesn’t win, it’s not fair.

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  1. Paul Mahoney says:

    That was an astounding statement. The Democrats will decide who is to be President not the voting public


  2. says:


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  3. John Merrick says:

    Nice write my brother. Tucker Carlson says “listening to Adam Schiff is like getting a massage to your brain stem.”. If you think about all that he (Schiff) has said over all these last few days could be covered in an hour..such a waist of time . I think all the Dumbocrats believe they cannot win at the ballot box, impeach him. Utter foolishness .

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