After the ball is over 2 …. Things Trump can do on his way out the door.

There’s a column by Ralph Nader (yes, he’s still alive) in today’s Boston Globe about Nader’s paranoid ideas of things that Trump might do on his way out, when he loses the election. Nader’s solution is for Trump to resign, so that will give you an idea of the 86 year-old’s mental processes.
There’s no need for Nader’s new list of things Trump can do on his way out to injure the incoming administration. Trump should stick with the tried and true.
First, gin up a spurious but salacious investigative report about Biden. He’s kind of boring, true, but his son got benefits from the Chinese and the CIA says the Chinese and Irananians are using social media to help the Biden campaign (as the Russians still are for Trump). That’s enough to start with.
Use the fake report to justify applications to the FISA Court for warrants for counterintelligence surveillance of Biden campaign operatives. Leak the “fact” of the investigation to the press. High administration officials should “unmask” persons under surveillance and leak those names too. Investigate whether the Biden campaign is colluding with the Chinese.
When President-Elect Biden is briefed by the CIA, have a copy of the faked report, attached to the written briefing. Then CNN can report the “fact” of the briefing on the report.
“Unmask” the incoming National Security Advisor in summaries of his telephone calls with the Chinese Ambassador. Leak that information and suggest there’s something sinister about the conversations.
Do a lengthy FBI interview with the new National Security Advisor about the calls he knows were taped. If he gets any details wrong, indict him.
When the new administration doesn’t continue the investigations, claim Obstruction of Justice. When they persist in that failure, demand a Special Counsel.
Works like a charm.

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  1. R C Aizley says:

    Nader takes me back to when things may have been a little rough, but now he must feel resurrected.


  2. says:

    Most insightful.

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