Political Leanings Should Not Dictate Business Licenses

Cape Cod Times Letter, September 29, 2015

Stonehill Professor Peter Ubertaccio’s letter (“Davis’ actions singular in contempt for the law,” Letters, Sept. 25) perceptively notes the impropriety of the Kentucky clerk’s denial of a marriage license to a gay couple because of her own personal religious preferences.
That thoughtful letter is a useful juxtaposition to another letter, published the same day, urging the town of Barnstable to prevent Chick-fil-A from operating a business — not because of any discrimination in employment or customer service, but because of the owner’s political advocacy, with which the letter writer disagrees. That’s a fine reason for a personal boycott, but not for government action.
Licenses to operate a business are governed by factors such as the nature of the neighborhood or its effects on traffic.
Licenses to marry or operate a business should not be subject to the religious or political beliefs of the issuing authority.
Brian R. Merrick
West Barnstable

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