Trump doubles down

Immediately after President Trump’s inaugural address. It turns out he really meant it. President Donald Trump did not say all those things just to get elected. He meant them. He apparently did not run just to be President. Those who hoped that, once President, Trump would join the establishment are in for a big disappointment.

Trump’s speech was tough. The campaign continues. He is going to keep the pressure on Congress to pass his program – Border security and tax and trade reform to preserve and create American jobs. Trump seems as serious about fighting urban poverty and crime as any President since Lyndon Johnson.

He was not eloquent in any traditional sense. He never has been. He was not “kinder and gentler.” He said the usual gracious things about his predecessor but he did not reassure the establishment or the nation’s allies. He did not reach out to his political opponents except to the extent of inviting them to join him. It is plain they will feel his wrath if they impede him.

Ten Democratic senators from states that Trump carried are running for re-election and have been put on notice.

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  1. bubbabc88 says:

    A Great Day for this Country, hope all is well


  2. Nancy Holtz says:

    Well said!

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  3. says:

    Was impressed. No shading. Thought speech consistent with op advice in today’s WSJ. Michelle did not look very ebullient. Ever noticed that Bob Hogan looks like El Chapo?

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    1. Ha, another pal says “At last a Washington restaurant serves what the customer ordered.”


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